Activities undertaken by KCSG include:

  • the purchase of DVD’s, computer games, craft and educational material to assist in the rehabilitation and entertainment of the children on the ward.  These children can spend weeks, sometimes months in hospital;
  • quarterly newsletter (coming soon);
  • address the issues of siblings who even though they do not have cancer, suffer a great deal of trauma during and after their siblings illness.  One way the group caters for siblings is to fund a camp – Camp Onwards – for these children.  Camp Onwards helps to address their fears and feelings through plan and fun activities as well as group discussion.
  • Providing a monthly morning tea where parents may get together in a relaxed atmosphere (returning soon);
  • providing social activities for families, bearing in mind the constraints of children on treatment.

Kids Cancer Support Group continues to identify and address needs to improve the environment and outcomes for the children and families of Ward 3B.  If you have any ideas please email us.